Dan On Foods Corporation established in Vietnam since 1999, is a business unit of DAN-D FOODS Group. Our head office is located in Richmond, British Columbia, CANADA and led by founder and CEO, Mr. Dan On - who has firmed his preliminary and earlier his business foundation in BC, canada since 1989.


The other business units of DAN-D FOODS Group are located in British Columbia and Ontario, Canada, California, USA, Bangkok, Thailand, Shandong, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. With a combined total workforce of more than 800 employees world-wide working towards the unique objective: to deliver quality products to our customers globally.

Plants & Showroom in Vietnam

The main plant is in Thu Dau Mot Town, Binh Duong Province and it is about 40 km from Ho Chi Minh City. We have a branch and showroom of Dan-D-Pak Outlet in the new Metropolitan Zone (Sala), District 02, very near Saigon Tunnel and the City Center of District 1, where our products are on display and domestic sales is executed and served.

Another plant was setup in 2010, in An Dien, Ben Cat Town, Binh Duong Province. It is about 16 km from the main plant. This facility specializes in processing cashew in shell into cashew kernel as well as packaging materials such as plastic jars and paper-rolled cans.

The third, newly and cutting edge plant is just put into operation in late 2018 with the total capital investment of approximately US$ 20 million in My Phuoc 3 Industrial Zone, Ben Cat Town, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam. This plant is likely a symbolic and iconic business towards to the green production and social responsibility commitment where up to date technology of machine and equipment operated and managed automatically with green power consumption generated by the latest solar system. The first phase is built with more than 1/3 of the total complex area of 60,000 s.q. (645,835 square foot), and another 1/3 is planned to do ground breaking for the second phase in July 2019.

Trained and Dedicated Employees

Dan On Foods Corporation hires only the best workers who are dedicated and committed to their jobs. Employees are provided with regular trains to enable them in provide the best service and quality products in order to meet our customer expectations.

Quality, Safety and Hygiene

The quality of our products is assured with HACCP system (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point), BRC, KOSHER, and SA8000 in place. These certificates are conducted by well, international and famous certification bodies authenticated by most of importing nations - where our products are traded and presented.

We take safety and hygiene seriously. We provide our employees with safe and clean work environment. Employees are provided with regular training on sanitation procedures, cross-contamination prevention, safe working practices and social accountability to all involved.


Commitment to our Customers

Dan On Foods Corporation delivers quality products to customers world-wide. It is our commitment to provide our customers with quality products and competitively priced and back-up by our world-class service and to meet our customer expectations.
With such a commitment to our customers, we provide “Fine Foods of The Earth”.
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Awards - Certificates of
"Feed the world with fine foods of the earth" to improve the well-being of global communities by continually advancing a globally integrated and sustainable operation which benefits all our stakeholders.
 1. Customers: Focus on being the best service provider t
 2. Consumers: Providing the best quality products and services
 3. Collaboration: Open channel communications with our global personnel and strategic partners in an ongoing effort to maximize efficiency and sustainable values.
 4. Competency: Being a highly competitive, productive, effective and sustainable organization
 5. Community: Extensive Corporate Social Responsibility which supports our global communities and environment






Our commitment

Dan On Foods Corporation commits to carry out the production and sales of "Fine Foods of the Earth" in a cost effective, planned and systematic manner so as to reach the level of quality as per customers' requirements and government regulations.
In order to achieve our objectives, the company has established and implemented a Quality Management System as set out by HACCP, BRC, KOSHER, SA80000 certification systems.
The management also ensures that our Quality Objectives are reviewed on a regular base for continuous improvement.
Our staff is responsible for the implementation of the procedures to endeavour and uphold our slogan "Fine Foods of the Earth".




Social Accountability Policy

Good working environment will develop the relationship between the company and employees, make employees stay with the company and actively contribute to the development of the company and the development will again contribute to improve the material and spiritual life of employees.
General Director officially announces Company’s social accountability policy: TO IMPLEMENT AND COMPLY WITH THE SOCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY CRITERIA ACCORDING TO SA 8000 STANDARD, including:
  1.    1. To comply with international instruments and standards, national laws, relevant laws, and other requirements that the Company subscribes.
  2.    2. No use or support the use of child and young labor.
  3.    3. To respect employees
  4.    4. No participation in or support the use of forced labor
  5.    5. No discrimination in any form
  6.    6. To provide a friendly, safe and healthy working environment for all employees of the Company and partners (employees of partners) to work at the company's premises.
  7.    7. To ensure freedom of association and collective bargaining
  8.    8. To compensate all employees in accordance with statutory requirements.
  9.    9. To comply with appropriate requirements, collective bargaining agreements, and industry standards on working hours.
To implement this policy, the General Director commits:
  1.    1. This policy must be communicated and understood by all employees in the company; and is also shared with customers, and vendors.
  2.    2. Provide appropriate resources to implement the above policy.
  3.    3. Monitor and supervise the implementation and implementation of published policies.


                                                                                                                                                    Binh Duong, August 15, 2017

                                                                                                                                                  General Director



                                                                                                                                                     LƯU BẢO HOA






Quality Publication


1 Prunes 01/DANON/2018  Prunes
2 Spicy Cashews 03/DANON/2018  Spicy Cashews
Cashews Unsalted 05/DANON/2018  Cashews Unsalted
4 Peanut Butter Creamy  06/DANON/2018  Peanut Butter Creamy
5 Dried Cranberries 07/DANON/2018  Dried Cranberries
6 Chestnuts  08/DANON/2018  Chestnuts
7 Thompson Raisin Jumbo 09/DANON/2018  Thompson Raisin Jumbo
8 Golden Medium 10/DANON/2018  Golden Medium
9 Cashews Salted 11/DANON/2018  Cashews Salted
10 Cashews Unsalted 12/DANON/2018  Cashews Unsalted
11 Almond Unsalted 13/DANON/2018  Almonds Unsalted
12 Almonds Salted 14/DANON/2018  Almonds Salted
13 Golden Medium 15/DANON/2018  Golden Medium
14 Thompson Raisin Jumbo 16/DANON/2018  Thompson Raisin Jumbo
15 Cashews Garlic 17/DANON/2018  Cashews Garlic
16 Trail Mix Nuts and Cranberry 18/DANON/2018  Trail Mix Nuts and Cranberry
17 Select Nut Mix  19/DANON/2018  Select Nut Mix